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 I Love You All The Time
 Hirschman & Cole
 (Reviewed by The Editor - Rebecca Brown)

 2002 Cookie Bear Press
  ISBN: 0970115504

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A charming poetic way for little ones to learn about love, location & longing.

With enchanting illustrations by Bonnie Bright (find the heart on each page), this is not only a CHILDREN’S BOOK, it is also a sweet VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT for grown–ups to give each other, because it’s a kind & gentle way for adults to learn to say “I love you” — no matter where they may find themselves.

I may be stating the obvious that parents love their children — however, telling them, isn’t always so obvious. “Out of sight, out of mind” is something we all have to live with, taking trips for work, when we’re glued to our computers & tvs, when a phone call interrupts.

I Love You All The Time is a meaningful little playbook to remind us all that while “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” saying it is so, makes the love last longer.

I immediately thought of all those families who have a parent in the armed forces, far are away in foreign lands defending us, or up at space station looking down on this bright blue marble. Perhaps everyone who is incarcerated needs to not only read this little book, they need to give it to their families, too — to keep the love going.

More from Jessica Elin Hirschman & Jennifer Elin Cole: “I’m In The Bathroom!” soon to be reviewed.

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