I Love You All The Time
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Congratulations! Your title, I Love You All the Time, has been named as one of three finalists in the 2004 Benjamin Franklin Awards competition, in the following category: Book of the Year for Excellence & Innovation in Marketing (Budgets under $10,000). Terry Nathan, Director, Publishers Marketing Association

A category manager from Indigo Books & Music told me his kids bring him ILYATT every night and that he loves the book because it says exactly how he feels about them. Especially because he travels so much. (This gentleman discovered us at BEA and has since offered to present ILYATT to
the children's category manager. Samples shipped June 30.)

The editor of AARP magazine was drawn to our BEA booth because she has ILYATT and wanted to tell us how much she enjoys sharing it with her grandchildren.

"A charming timeless book for kids and adults. A classic bedtime favorite, I Love You All The Time can be read again and again. It's replaced Goodnight Moon as my kids favorite." Lisa Earle McLeod, Columnist and author of Forget Perfect (Penguin/Putnam), and mother of two

I just wanted to let you know that we received the book that you sent to us. It is such a wonderful book. My son read it to me and he even said "that sounds like daddy". My son has read it over and over. He absolutely loves the book. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I can't believe that the distributor does not want to sell it at PX/BX's. It would be such a great book for children, especially with so many parents getting deployed these days. Thank you again for sending the book and summing everything up so well. Take Care, Kathy Coles (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

"By the way, ILYATT passed the "Xandar Test". It's become one of his top picks his bedtime stories. The package IS right. There is also a lot in the pictures to entice discussion and that is always a good thing. Ending w/the Bear going to sleep is perfect for Mom's that are reading the 5th story of the night"....a category buyer for a national distributor

Jennifer, Thank you so much for this note, and all your advice. It is very much appreciated. My friends and I are happy to contribute to your book sales. It's a shame the bigger publishing houses haven't caught on...children and adults love this book (ILYATT)! I will definitely keep you in mind if my book is not published within a year. Many thanks. Kind regards, Inna Feldman-Gerber, Chicago, IL

A delightful book to show children about your love for them, June 9, 2004 bn.com
Reviewer: J.T. Cooper (see more about me) from Marietta, GA USA As a book reviewer for Funseeker's Radio Network I get a lot of children's books. This book is a simple and delightful way of telling your children that you love them, even when you are busy with other things. I recommend it highly, particularly for children under seven years of age. It can also convey love for a spouse as I told my teddy bear collector wife. She loved it too! J. Tom Cooper, Entertainment and Book Review Editor, Funseeker's Network

Jennifer, I was so delighted to find your book I Love You All The Time amid the hundreds of books I browsed at the local bookstore. I found it to be positive, well put together and easy for my 3-year old to understand. Thanks for a great book!!----Gina P., Long Island, NY

Hi Jessica, Have to let you know that for the past year my girls have taken out the book "Tangle Tower" on a regular basis. It is one of our favs....especially since we have the whole thick knotty curly hair thing going on. It was not until tonight when I looked at the photo of the author and realized it is you! Want you to know that my girls and I think the book is WONDERFUL and we read it over and over again!!!! So, thanks and let us know when you have another amazing book coming out. Robin

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Book Cover  Teapot Rating
 I Love You All The Time
 Hirschman & Cole
 (Reviewed by The Editor - Rebecca Brown)

 2002 Cookie Bear Press
  ISBN: 0970115504

Amazon’s price is: $5.95

A charming poetic way for little ones to learn about love, location & longing.

With enchanting illustrations by Bonnie Bright (find the heart on each page), this is not only a CHILDREN’S BOOK, it is also a sweet VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT for grown–ups to give each other, because it’s a kind & gentle way for adults to learn to say “I love you” — no matter where they may find themselves.

I may be stating the obvious that parents love their children — however, telling them, isn’t always so obvious. “Out of sight, out of mind” is something we all have to live with, taking trips for work, when we’re glued to our computers & tvs, when a phone call interrupts.

I Love You All The Time is a meaningful little playbook to remind us all that while “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” saying it is so, makes the love last longer.

I immediately thought of all those families who have a parent in the armed forces, far are away in foreign lands defending us, or up at space station looking down on this bright blue marble. Perhaps everyone who is incarcerated needs to not only read this little book, they need to give it to their families, too — to keep the love going.

More from Jessica Elin Hirschman & Jennifer Elin Cole: “I’m In The Bathroom!” soon to be reviewed.

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